Why visit Bali and what for?


Hi, my name is Sandra Lasek. Together with Michael Pasterski, I run "Insight in Bali" retreat. It is such an amazing experience that I often talk about it with the participants of my other workshops as well as with friends.

They often ask me if it is worth going. And I can already tell you: of course it is! Naturally, they want to know "why visit Bali, how much is it worth”?

The question "why" is my favorite question because it goes deep into understanding the essence of every issue and makes you think about what is really important to you.

Once we know what we want to do (e.g. go to an exotic destination and, together with a bunch of awesome people, embark on an unforgettable adventure or, to be more precise, go to Bali to take part in a personal development workshop) and how we want to do it (e.g. choose Life Architect’s “Insight in Bali retreat”), it’s worth asking ourselves why we want to do it.

The question "why" is beautifully complemented by the question "what for". The former looks for the reason that drives us to do things, and the latter explores the results that this action is supposed to help us achieve. It’s good to ask yourself both questions.

Find your “why” and “what for”…

The answer to the question "why visit Bali?" will be different depending on the person, but most people give reasons such as: it’s worth it because you can spend your holidays in a beautiful place, visit an exotic country and, at the same time, undergo self-development process; it's worth it because you can go off by yourself, without having to wait until there is someone who will want to join you on a trip to Bali; it's worth it because this way you will step out of your comfort zone and “break” from the pattern of traveling in safe and controlled conditions. Why visit Bali? It's worth it because it’s a kind of "all inclusive" trip, only that instead of going crazy at an open bar you will have a chance to get inebriated with self-knowledge. And last but not least answer for "why visit Bali" - it's worth it because during this type of travel for personal development you come across wonderful, curious and open people...

The answer to "what for?" will also be different for every individual, but the most common responses include: to look at your own life from a different perspective (being in a far-off land makes a difference and really gives you an extraordinary opportunity to see yourself and your life in a different light); to introduce some action into your existence (sometimes we are stuck in total stagnation and taking such a big step preludes a series of changes); to get inspired by other people as it is always the case there; to allow yourself space and time only for yourself; to do something worthwhile for yourself - in regard to both holiday and personal development work; to visit exotic corners of the world ...

During this retreat in Bali, you will be able to discover your personal “why” and “what for” concerning many of your choices, not only related to this trip or traveling in general, but also to all other areas of your life.

“Dlaczego” i “po co” jechać na Bali

Why visit Bali? Find your own answers

When we find ourselves in such unique natural surrounding that Indonesia offers, our mind instantly lets go and answers to long-standing questions start to come to us. Because we are overwhelmed by so many new things going on (local food, exotic climate, nature, ambient, living conditions, new place, new people, different time zone, etc.) that our analytical minds has to cope with, that exploring these deep questions is taken over by our hearts.

All of a sudden, it becomes clear to us how deep and significant are our personal "why" and "what for”.

All of a sudden, it turns out that we came to this retreat because we love our close ones and we want to help them by offering support; that we chose to go on this trip to Asia because never before had we done anything just for ourselves, and it is now that we finally wanted to appreciate and celebrate being our true selves.

As you see - answer for "why visit Bali" is complex.

All of a sudden, as our minds are busy processing new things going on around us, our hearts open up joyfully and give us access to ourselves. Some part of this process occurs spontaneously, while the rest of it - through the meditations we run with Michael. For sure, it’s worth considering why you want to go on such a trip in the first place, and what your goals are, but also the reasons and the purposes for everything else you do in our life.

The space you need in order to do this is certainly provided at the "Insight in Bali retreat”. When we want to learn about our deepest motives, it’s good to focus our attention on our hearts, clear our minds for a moment and listen to what our heart wants to tell us. The retreat will take place on March 2nd till 10th, 2019.

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