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How to reconcile work with relax?

How to reconcile work with relax?

Perhaps you were in this situation: thinking about relax during your work and the other way round: thinking about work while relaxing, so that you were not able to do neither one nor another fully. Turns out it happens to be the most common cause of procrastination. How to get rid of that and act immediately, without a constant desire for a break?


Not so long ago I have developed a completely new approoach to this problem. Something, that works perfectly in my case and fully adresses the issue of procrastination. Through communicating with both your “working” and “resting” personality, you can get into habit of acting – right away. So read carefully.

Procrastination is an extremely popular issue, I have written about it in this article:

Not doing what’s important for us at this very moment is caused by the fact that the amount of energy needed to be put into a specific job is too uncomfortable for the person who is supposed to do it. So the mind seeks for tasks which are easier and simultaneously mute this voice in our heads whispering “you’re not doing anything, again!”

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