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Road to goal

Road to goal

Most people, when trying to achieve their goals, tend to focus on the final result. They forget that we should just enjoy the journey. This, paradoxically, can give you more happiness than achieving the final goal itself.

Think about it. You have your goals and you want to accomplish something, that’s for sure. Maybe you’ve even decided that once you hit them, you’ll be happy. And when it happens, you can be relieved and tell yourself “I am worthy of something”.

But what about the path you’re heading right now? Why would you treat it only as a mean of achieving a goal one day, somewhere in the future? You’re not doing this to work hard for 99% of your time and enjoy the results for the other 1%, are you?

If you depend your joy of life on whether you’ll reach your goals or not, don’t delude yourself – even if you will, there won’t be any joy. The truth is, you’ll find a new goal immediately and just like before, you’ll be working for 99% of your time, hoping for a rain of happiness to fall on you once you reach it. Well, the happiness will come to you – but it will be so small and so transient you won’t even notice it.

Imagine you’re going on a bike trip on hot, summer day. All you wanna do is swim in a cold, pleasant water. But thinking just about it you may lose all the wonders that can happen during riding a bike. The views, the strangers, interesting talks, wonderful adventures. Who knows? Maybe it’s the journey itself that you’re gonna like more than the bath.

Stop for a moment and look at where you are in your life. No matter whether you don’t know where to go or you’ve just set your goals, or you’re just one step from reaching them – you’re on a journey. Taking next steps you look ahead and do everything to get where you wanna get.

Are you happy about where you are now? Do you enjoy your journey?

For a moment stop thinking about what’s waiting for you at the finish line. Instead, focus on what you’re doing right now, what you’ll do in a moment or tomorrow. This is a part of your life, exactly as what’s gonna happen in the future. When this “future” will come, you’ll enjoy it. Don’t worry, the time will come. Now, give yourself this opportunity to enjoy the journey. A possibility to experience those adventures happening to you right here. Enjoy every next step, every breath, every activity.

Because it’s the journey that gives you most happiness, not the final goal.

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