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Motivation right here and now

Motivation right here and now

Pure motivation does not come from knowing that you will reach your goal and after that your life will be amazing. It comes from good decisions and is proportional to your happiness. To awaken your true motivation, take care of your present, not only your future.

You can encourage yourself to take actions when your award is postponed in time but you will have to force yourself everyday to make another step. It’s a tough road, because you have to convince yourself constantly, that once you’re successful, you’re gonna be happy.

But what is the point in waiting for happiness until reaching a goal? You don’t understand what happiness is if you condition it by your achievements. And this attitude won’t help you experience any.

Happiness and unconditional motivation are close friends. Who knows, maybe even twins. You’ll see why.

In order to wake up early filled with motivation you need something more than attractive goals. You will be truly motivated if:

1. You’ll know exactly what you want from life and you’ve decided to take it;
2. Your plan for future is completely compatible with your true desires;
3. You are aware that this road will be full of surprises and adventures;
4. Your plan is congruent with who you are and your personality.

This is the work to be done BEFORE defining your goals. Writing them down is just the icing on the cake.

Implementation of these 4 points will affect your level of happiness. That inner happines is the source of genuine motivation.

The recipe is simple – happiness comes first, then comes the motivation.

Remeber – good goal is the one that changes your life when you settle it. Not the day after, not month later but right at the moment when you make decision.

A goal isn’t just a moment in the future, which, when achieved, will make you happy. It’s not supposed to make your life harder.

Good goal is an effect of implementing those four points above. That kind of aim awakens your energy to live right here and right now, regardless of how far it is and how hard you will have to work.

If at the moment of deciding on a certain goal you feel inspiration, motivation and joy – that’s the goal worth following.

Setting such goal isn’t easy. Not only does it require getting rid of limiting social schemes, but also knowing yourself, your personality and getting in touch with your needs and deepest desires.

This is one of the greatest things to do during your whole life. That’s gonna give you the energy and power to live your life to the fullest.

It doesn’t matter that this goal will require a lot of work, maybe even years.

The moment you decide to follow the path which is consistent with the voice of your heart, is the moment where your life changes.

Even if the road ahead is long and rough.

Decision is always the first step. Choose the life you have always wanted.

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