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Faith in success

Faith in success

The faith in success (personal, career, financial etc.) is one of the most important factors of every reached goal. Being convinced that you can make it work is a base to start and go ahead with your plans.

“All you have to do is believe” – you’ve heard it many times, haven’t you? Yet nobody has explained you exactly how to truly and honestly believe in reaching your goals. Reading this article can help you find a way to strengthen your faith.  

First of all, you need to know one significant thing. A faith is a belief. A belief that it’s gonna work. Lack of faith is a belief that it won’t work or that something is difficult or impossible. Both situations make you believe in something. You can’t have no faith. Even if you think that you have no faith you believe in that : ) These are just some convictions and they can be changed.

For example, Caroline wants to get her dream job. However, she feels that she doesn’t believe strong enough that she will get it. She wonders whether to apply or not. Of course until she does, there is no chance she gets this job. Let’s think about what stands behind the “lack of faith” that she can get it. It might be that Caroline is convinced that she is poorly educated . Perhpas she thinks that the job is too difficult or that the company does not employ young women. Or maybe she believes that she has bad luck.

No matter what beliefs restrict Caroline, this example shows you one thing. Her lack of faith consists of many useless beliefs. Changing them is a key to make her believe in success.  

You could obviously use affirmation and persuade yourself “I can, I can, I can! This has to work, I will succeed!”. The question is: would it be effective? Would it eliminate all doubts behind the lack of faith in success?

By changing those restricting beliefs one after another you reach this point in which you have complete and real faith that you can succeed. It is extraordinarily pure condition in which the faith becomes knowledge – certainty of success.

Nothing can stop you from reaching your goal then. Thanks to strong belief that you will succeed you will be able to draw on countless resources of knowledge and skills that are inside you. Because now you have everything you need to achieve your goals.  

If you think that you do not have enough knowledge or abilities – that is alright becaues these can be acquired anytime. If you think that you are lacking in experience – excellence, it is about time you should start gaining one. If it seems like you have no money for reaching you goal – think what you can do to make some. No one said that you should have everything set in order to believe in your success. It can be hard sometimes. You will work very hard. However knowing what is need to be done you just have to decide “I will do it”. You can be sure that you succeed then

Once you know you can make it, you’ll start working on your goal immediately, cause why wasting your time? After all, it’s gonna work out – the question is how fast.

Of course it may happen that despite your strong faith you won’t be able to reach your goal.
But remember: you’ve tried as hard as you could and that situation was supposed to give you a lesson so that you could be richer in that experience and do it better next time. 

Let’s sum it up in a short process. In order to acquire complete faith in your success:  

1. Specify your goal and write it down.   
2. Ask yourself: “Do I believe that I will reach my goal?”   
3. If the answer is “yes”, perfect – start working on it. If the answer is “no” go to point no 4.    
4. Ask yourself: “Why do I think that I won’t reach my goal?” Write down your answers.   
5. Under every belief that you wrote down you should also write down a solution, in other words what can you do to overcome that obstacle (e.g. I have a lack of knowledge – I will buy a book about starting new business).   
6. Taking into consideration solutions you wrote down ask yourself “Do I believe that if I implement these solutions I will reach my goal?”   
7. If the answer is “yes” go to no. 8. If the answer is “no”, go back to no. 5 and work on extra solutions.   
8. Plan realization of written solutions as your task for the next week in your schedule.


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