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Lifestyle Design

Lifestyle Design

The way our everyday life looks like is an outcome caused by many factors. It may often be inherited from our parents and the resultant of misfortunes or the people we meet. What does the conscious lifestyle design consist of?

The term “lifestyle design” was first used by Tim Ferriss in his book “4-Hour Work Week”. I remember that when I first read this excerpt there was this thought running through my head: “Amazing, simple and useful way to make our lives an extraordinary journey”. I still think so.

Ask yourself: how do you want to live a couple of years from now? How do you want to earn for living, what do you want to do after work? What kind of people you want to be surrounded by? Where do you want to live or go for vacation? What passions do you want to devote yourself to? What kind of skills would you like to learn?

It is essential, that those answers are all yours. Usually people use schemes which were instilled into them for many years: career, house, car, family.


People don’t want to be millionaires — they want to experience what they believe only millions can buy. – Tim Ferriss


Lifestyle design is about acting consciously in order to create a happy, independent and balanced life.

It’s leaving your current pattern of boring and routine life which was instilled into us in school and by media. Designing your own life instead of letting society to do so. Building an interesting, unconventional life. Drawing extensively on what Earth allows us to.

When I learned this idea I automatically started to think about how my future life should look like. But what’s important I skipped all the empty phrases (“nice job, lots of friends, lovely house”) and became very specific – how exactly do I wanna spend my day? My free time? Where do I want to live and spend summer holidays? What am I going to do to feel alive?

I stopped persuading myself, that life must be difficult. That it should be “normal”. Inspired by the idea of mobile job, me and my fiancée decided to buy tickets to Thailand. Spending 2 months in this paradise was the best proof that I am able to shape my job so easily, as if I was building the lego house.


There’s no need to travel far away to do so. When I’m fed up with office job I take my laptop and go to the lake, take the day off or sit in the park and read books. Everyone can design their dream life and do whatever they want to do. Even if it requires great changes in your personal life or your career. Even if it takes a year, two or three.

The idea of lifestyle design is an underlying reason for a cause of how am I creating my brand Life Architect. The name itself shows that my mission is to teach people how to be an architect of their own lives. But if I hadn’t achieved that first, I wouldn’t have been able to share it with others.

As it happens, at this point of my life I feel more coherent with what I’m saying than ever. That is why except of teaching others how to be a lifestyle designer not only do we emphasize effectiveness and achievements, but we also show how to find joy in life and experience as much as possible.


Your lifestyle doesn’t have to be monotonous  and schematic.

Throw away all the old habits, clear up. Find some time and try new stuff. Go to the dance classes, learn martial arts, take part in a meeting of enthusiasts of a specific area, do sports, go to the countryside.

The world offers you a wide spectrum of possibilities. Multiple ways to experience life anew are waiting for you just around every corner. There are lots of free occasions to do something you’ve never done before. Leave the comfort sphere and refurnish your life.


While experimenting, remember to check what influence do these activities have on your well-being, level of happiness, joy of life. Probably each of them is going to be a new stimulus that will wake you up and make you feel alive. Once you catch a bug, try to make this new hobby a part of your lifestyle.




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