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Top 8 reasons to exercise

Top 8 reasons to exercise

Daily physical exercise is the best that you can do for your body. At the same time it is the largest investment in yourself, both at the moment and for the future.

Despite all the advantages of exercising, we just simply sometimes don’t feel like doing it. We have dozens of excuses. Always, however, you can hear that silent voice which says that such an activity is good for you. So how to make that voice be stronger and motivate you to exercise, in any possible way?

I present here 8 reasons that perfectly worked for me. As the post’s title suggests, these are only the top reasons. I could easily find dozens of other benefits of being physically active, here, however, I want to mention only the most important ones. Because they are the most effective when it comes to motivating you.

Health – running, exercising at the gym or any other physical activity are the best ways to keep your body healthy. Exercises strengthen your heart muscle, improve blood circulation and help keep the musculoskeletal system operating at peak efficiency. They also increase body’s immunity system as well as oxygenate cells. If you exercise regularly, you will be as fit as a fiddle.

– The emotional state after exercises – I always feel great when I’m done with my work-out. It is incredibly pleasurable to relax after an intensive workout. Such an effort favors the production of endorphins in the brain which are the hormones of happiness. Our brain in then in some state of intoxication and that’s the reason we feel so great.

– Energy- Exercises make you feel full of energy for the whole day. Morning jogging always gives me power for the rest of the day. When I have time in my life when I don’t move much, I often feel tired and sluggish. This feeling disappears, however, when I start doing exercises again. That’s why when you have an intensive and full of impressions day, make sure you have enough energy for it by moving a lot!

– Stress – when you move, burning of the stress hormone (cortisol) is stimulated. The level of it is lower, not only during an exercise but it also remains low for the rest of the day. Therefore, regular exercises will help you greatly reduce stress in your life.

– A good night’s sleep – doing exercises is the best medicine for a good night’s sleep. After some physical effort you’ll fall asleep quickly, and you’ll wake up feeling rested. Your night’s sleep will be deep and healthy.

A healthy mind in in a healthy body – when you exercise you not only improve your physical but also mental condition. After a while you’ll begin to look more optimistic at life, your self-esteem’ll increase and you’ll feel better in your own skin. Lack of stress and much more endorphins significantly change your attitude to the difficult situations you face in life and increase your ability to cope with any challenge.

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