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Get rid of negative emotions

Get rid of negative emotions

Nobody likes the feeling of nervousness or stress. Too many situations that take place outside have a direct impact on our emotions. This impact, however, can be significantly eliminated.

Nobody likes the feeling of nervousness or stress. Too many situations that take place outside have a direct impact on our emotions. This impact, however, can be significantly eliminated.

The unwanted emotions can disappear and they can be replaced by joy and smile. Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides a lot of interesting techniques you can use in order to get rid of negative emotions. These techniques will teach you how to feel better by controlling the images that your mind creates.

1. Changing submodalities (the parameters of images created in the imagination) – Close your eyes, bring to your mind the image of the past experience that affected you in a very negative way. Let this be a memory that always made you fell bad when you thought of it. Watch this incident for a while using association ( i.e. see it from the perspective of your eyes). Feel all the negative emotions that this incident evokes in you.

Now, disassociate yourself (go beyond yourself, look at yourself and the whole experience from the outside, from a third person perspective) and make the picture be in black and white. Darken it a little, turn down its volume, let the moving film change into a picture, a static slide. Now, take this picture as far away from you as possible, let it be a small speck in the distance.

Is this experience still evoking the same emotions as before? The same procedure can be used not only to incidents that took place in the distant past, but also to those from a few minutes ago.

2. Work with the internal dialogue – Just like everyone else, you probably have a bothersome voice in your head when you do something wrong. It says something like “wrong again, it was not supposed to be like that, everything has gone haywire again, you suck, you are hopeless, you will never succeed in anything”. Such a voice is terribly annoying and does not want to shut up. It makes you feel bad and that you are nothing. If you want to eliminate such an internal critic, close your eyes, listen to that voice deeply and think of a place in your head from which the voice comes. Next, pretend that you grab the source of that voice in your hand, remove it, and put it next to you. Form it in some shape, e,g, a dwarf. Let this voice now emanates from that dwarf and let him continue what he is saying. Now, change the tone of the voice into a squeaky one and accelerate it so that you can no longer understand it. Grab this dwarf and throw it as far away from you as possible. Let it lie there battered, still speaking in a squeaky voice. Does after all of it the voice still make you feel bad?

3. Reframing – whenever something that negatively affects you or evokes unpleasant emotions happens to you, try to find some positive aspects of such a situation. Change the meaning of the situation into a positive one. For example, if you miss the bus, think to yourself that a walk in the fresh air will do you good that on the way you will pop in the store and buy yourself something to eat, and besides, you did not even have a ticket for the bus. This way of thinking will allow you to eliminate the negative impact of the situation on your emotions. Even if the bus leaves, you will still feel great.

4. Put your body in a state of relaxation. It is known that when we are nervous and stressed, our body is tense. And when we are happy it is quite relaxed. The good news is that it works the other way, too. If you are tense and you feel bad for some reason, sit back, take a deep breath and relax your body. Your mind will follow it. It is much more difficult to get stressed when your body is relaxed.

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